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The story of Filah and legendary cloak no. 3

Today's post is going to be about this chick:

That lovely draenei in the picture is Filah, she is a restoration shaman and she was my main for 2 expansions. She was created back in tBC when alliance could have shamans (and horde got paladins), and I instantly liked her. She became my most favored alt and I even manged to get her into progressraids here and there because our guild only had 1 resto shaman at that point, Class was shadow-specced and back then there was no such thing as dual-specs. ;-)

When Lich King expansion came, I decided that I wanted my shaman to be my main, and parked Class away for a long time. At one point I got really fed up with raiding back then, and instead being a dramaqueen, I simply said "I'm sorry, I need a break" to the raidteam.

I decided to roll a horde character for the fun and laughs, since I had not really played horde before.
Someone I knew from my alliance guild was in a guild on hordeside, so I made an application there, and after some days I was invited to the guild. The guild was called "in Concordia", and was also on Turalyon server. This all happened when I was living in the Netherlands with my bf, I did that for a little over a year. And yes, I spent a lot of that time in Azeroth, being unemployed (was the plan all along, have a year off) I had lot of time for gaming and getting to know the hordeside more :)

In "iC" I first played shadow-priest as main, but swapped later to resto-shaman (named Ataia, aka Two-Toes for laughs on TS, she was "twoll mon" thus only have two toes! :D). We cleared ICC, unfortunately I was on holiday when they killed LK, after that kill we did quite some heroic modes before the raid-team collapsed (our maintank X-realmed on us among other things).

<-- This is Ataia, she is now on a different server (I needed the space on Turalyon), she is currently inactive in a guild on Magtheridon server. Its ok, the guild is inactive too, so no one misses me/her. :P

This picture also show what I meant about trolls and calling her "Two-toes" for fun^^

Anyway, I decided to go back to alliance side with some people that I got to know while playing horde, that also had alliance characters. So on Filah I finally got my first Lich King kill, short time before Cata was launched. Gosh, I was a happy cat that night! :D

Filah was still my main during Cataclysm, I applied to a 25-man progress-guild named "Wasted" and met some totally awesome folks there, that I still keep in touch with.
With Wasted I cleared raids while they were current and also did quite some heroicmodes, but when Dragon Soul hit the guild started loosing a lot of people, and many were not happy with current state of raids. At that time I had some issues with my shoulder that I had to do something about, and raiding 4 nights a week did not help at all, so when the team scaled down to 10 man, I stopped raiding with them.

Wasted is unfortunatly no longer active, it died at the end of Cata when -on top of everything- our GM completly vanished. I have talked with him since and got the whole story behind it, so there is no hard feelings -not that it was before either- it was just nice to hear what happened and that he was fine now. :)

I also want to share with you a kill video made from our other resto-shamans POV, when we killed Cho'gall (normal). I love this video, and the song is sooo perfect for that guild "Born to be Wasted" <3
I miss them sometimes, even if I am perfectly happy in my current guild. :)

(Ps! I am the shaman in the group further away)

In the end of Cata I had more and more contact with the "old guild" that I started raiding with all those years ago, "The Phoenix Reborn", I saw that a lot of people I knew from earlier days had come back to the guild because their lives did not work well with 4 nights a week raiding, and most guilds at the time were 4 raids a week-guilds. So I joined them for some achievement runs in DS 1 night a week, and I had a lot of fun! So I decided to say yes when I was asked to come back to "the team" for MoP. Only thing was, they had already 2 resto shamans, so the GM & RL asked me if I would consider rolling a monk for the team. So I did.

During MoP I leveled Filah up slowly. While questing I died a lot, even if I had a lot of DS heroic gear, and I was generally annoyed with her as elemental. So when my rage had calmed down, I decided to try out enhancement spec and things automatically went A LOT smoother (have no idea why but well :D) and she finally got to lvl 90. I started with the stone-collections, but hit the wall at the 6k Valor-capping, so I parked her for quite a long time. It was only the last few months or so that I started playing her again, mainly in Flex raids.

But! Last week Filah got her legendary cloak!! Hurray! I finally managed to find the energy to actually do all the LFRs that I had to do to get the items required. I felt like I had to get it for her, since our history goes back so long, and she is still my favorite alt.character. :)

I love this picture, its so great! I wish the cloaks looked like that^^

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