mandag 16. juni 2014

Quiet times

Hey all! 

It's been quiet from my end lately, I have simply not been gaming that much now with summer here, and I am not that much in front of the computer these days. I log for raids mainly, and not much else. 

I have been playing a little bit tho, I have lately joined my guilds flex runs that we have on tuesdays (contact @reliqEU or @iamchrim on twitter if you are in the EU and want to join us for some relaxed runs! :)), and I have come rather close with all the stone gathering on my shaman for the cloak! Today I got stone 11/12 so I have actually hopes to get my third cloak this expansion. Crazy, I know. :)

I have also been playing some WildStar the last weeks, not very much but when I are awake enough to play it I do (if I do it when I'm tired, I only get lost / die a lot / fall asleep on the keyboard / all of them at the same time), so I am still only low level on my Exiles-medic. She is currently lvl 16 if my memory do not fail me. :) I have also started a Slayer that is Domination ("hordeside" in WildStar), that is around lvl 10. It tend to go slower once I hit lvl 10 (I have various other lowbie characters). 

WildStar is a very nice change, but I don't have the same drive / urge to play it as I had once with WoW (once = for many years), so I guess that is why I have not given it a lot of gametime. It is a bit "same-same, but different" if you understand what I mean. Also I find the professions a bit strange atm. Maybe its just me not having the energy and urge to re-learn a new game? I log it now and then for some quests but I get tired quickly from all the focus needed (for me) for playing it properly. Probably will be playing the game mostly together with my bf, since I'm a medic and he is an Esper -we are good team and can easy do team-quests together. :)

Not that it is hard to get groups for quests, not at all! Lot of chatter going on in the public channels so that is a very nice change from the abuse you get from tradechat/LFR-groups in WoW. People are very friendly and helpful and it helps that there is no "tag" on mobs. If you jump in on someone killing a pack of normal mobs, you get credit and loot from it too. A big plus imo, makes things go smooth. :) 

I am horrible at taking screenshots, but I have taken a few of my girls. First one is of my medic, her name is Vanera and shes an Exile on the realm Lightspire. 

After creating and playing with her for quite some levels, I realized that she looks a lot like Oliva's alter-ego in "Fringe" -if you don't know that series/character you should look it up. :D
Once I realized that it made me giggle a bit, have a bit of a fangirl crush on her -she is so cool and awesome in that series!

The next one is of Sans, shes my Domi-slayer on Archon realm: 

I had a period where I died a LOT on my low level spellslinger due to quick respawns and all that crap, so I rage-quit, cleaned the house to get rid of all that negative energy I had in my body and then I decided that I would try a totally different character then what I normally pick (I tend to avoid melee-characters, simply because I am bad at it). Surprisingly enough, I really enjoy her! Might become a competitor to my medic, and that is scary for a healing-person like me! :D 

Then again, the first character I made in WoW, that I leveled first to max level (60) and play a lot during vanilla WoW was actually a rogue. Maybe its a sign? :)

So if anyone asks me if they should buy WildStar, I'd say "sure, try it atleast!" or see if anyone on twitter have a guestpass. 

I know a lot of WoW-ers have really fallen for it, specially since it is such a LONG TIME till Warlords of Draenor comes out, so maybe it is just me being an old hag and not being crazy excited about changes^^ 

I do have to admit I love the character-creation in WildStar tho :D That is the most fun so far! And they have all these cool/pretty/freaky/funky/great looks, styles and races. Worth to try just for that imo! :)

That is it for me for now, sorry if this comes off as a lot of random chatter, I am a bit tired but felt like giving an update on what's up here with me :)


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