lørdag 16. august 2014


The Godmother of Twitter (@AlternativeChat) have challenged gamers to answer "what is your Warcraft story" and I found it quite fun project. If you look here you can find out more!

Onward to the questions!

1. Why did you start playing Warcraft?
I actually started playing because my (now ex-) partner was very, very into it, and he had me try it out on his account. I was extremely skeptical, since I thought "this is not me" etc.
2. What was the first ever character you rolled?
I made a human rogue, and made her look as much alike me as possible. I checked out the other character models, but they felt strange and not "me" at the time. I also named my rogue after my computer at the time, Acer :D It is quite hilarious to think back at now ;-)
3. Which factors determined your faction choice in game?
I went for alliance, all this gaming being new to me, I wanted to look pretty, and also wanted a character that looked like a "real person" as much as possible. Horde scared me a bit, and there was also LoTR that gave horde a bad feel.
4. What has been your most memorable moment in Warcraft and why?
I have many of those, one thing I do remember very well is that my rogue got a quest to learn pick-pocketing, and I was very triggered by this, I did not want do it because "I was not that kind of person! Stealing from others!" haha Gosh, thinking back now it is all fun but back then, my gosh, it really bugged me! :D
5. What is your favourite aspect of the game and has this always been the case?
Raiding. I would never survive this long without serious challenges, having fun making jokes and killing hc bosses, that never gets old (well almost never! ;-)) for me. Been raiding since 2006 I believe, or maybe late 2005. Not sure actually. I still love it. Over the later years, I found out that healing is really my thing, and I have healed raids since tBC. Occasionally dps'ed but very rarely.
I also love alts. Always have. If someone tells me they only have one character and "want to focus on my main" Im a bit "eeeeh ok....I can still do that and lvl 10 other characters!" :D Plus, professions being covered! Win-win!
6. Do you have an area in game that you always return to?
Hmm .. I have areas where I'm all "yay I'm back here!" (like Westfall, Nagrand, Sholazar.. generally the green areas of WoW) but I don't actively seek them, mainly seek to the main capital of the time for my mains -alts can be more shattered, depending on what level they are at :)

7. How long have you /played and has that been continuous?
I think I started my sub in April 2005 or so, might have been May 2005. Never had a break. When I think about it, it sounds almost horrible, but I have had periods where I played less (raid-logging) but I have made lot of friends over the years, and usually I always have someone to chat to when online. Specially after Battle.net came with Real-ID and all.
8. Admit it: do you read quest text or not?
No, not really. ;P Unless I can't find the stuff I look for, and I have to read a bit closer. But generally, no...
9. Are there any regrets from your time in game?
Hmm... I have pretty much done what I have felt for when gaming. Sometimes I have felt that I have been sticking around too long in a bad team, but looking back now I feel that there was always a reason to stick with it, that be friends or loyalty..
10. What effect has Warcraft had on your life outside gaming?
I met my man here! Even moved abroad to check out how it would work out to see each other more then every 2nd weekend. And now we live together in my home-country. So I would say big impact on my everyday life!

Class <3

mandag 21. juli 2014

My city, Oslo

I have been thinking about this post for a while, but not got around to writing it before now.

I live in Oslo, Norway, and I wanted to share this lovely city with you -and why I love it so much. :)

Barcode Oslo
First of all, it is not very big -according to statistics 623 966 lives in Oslo pr. 1. of january 2014. Big enough to be able to hide in tho, and to find new -and old- friends in.

I remember the first time I was in Oslo -I was terrified to get lost and not find my way (I grew up in a very small town on the west-coast), but over the years I have lived in different parts of the city, and explored most of the other parts, so I am not afraid of getting lost anymore ;-) Now I really enjoy walking around in parts of the city that I am not so familiar with, and I always find new favorite places. :)

The different parts of the city all have their charm. Since we live on the western part of the city I tend to go for walks mostly on the west-and northern part of Oslo, but lately I have also taken the tram/subway to other parts to get some variation. The public transport system here is very good, you do not need a car if you live in the city, not for work or for getting around to the different places in the city. Same if you are here for a visit. Just jump on a tram/subway/bus and it will take you there in no time. 

The most used path I use for pure exercise is Sognsvann. It is a lake located at the north-west of Oslo, 15-20 min ride with the subway from downtown Oslo. I have posted some pictures from this place on twitter but here you go again:

This is taken from the "start" of the lake, sometime this spring. Sognsvann is used a lot all year long for walks, and during summer it is a popular place for the population of Oslo to go BBQ and relax, sunbath and of course take walks around the lake. 

Here is a couple of more pictures, one from the end of the lake:

And from the side:

Sognsvann is a perfect place to go for a walk, but during the weekends it can be quite crowded, so those days I try to get out and around before noon, before it fills up with family's occupying the whole road. :) As nice as it is, it kinda hinders you to get any kind of speed up :D

If you take the subway up the mountain, you can exit at Holmenkollen and have a look at our skiing facility's for ski-jumping and cross-country skiing (we really love those winter-sports ;-)) This is a closeup of the ski-jump, during summer they have these activity's where you can slide down from the top till the end via a line. By the looks of it, you get quite some speed. Nothing for me tho /chicken out! 

If you turn and look the other way, you will have the view over the city:

I also like to take the subway all the way to Frognerseteren. The forest of Oslo have lot of walking paths and lakes. Here is a small selection of pictures:

The road


Where to go?


If you take the tram to the eastside of the city, you can exit at Ekeberg, where you also have an amazing view over Oslo and the islands connected to it (there are boats going out there several times a day, for normal public fare), here is a view from Ekeberg: 

Some of the islands have people living on them during summer, others are only for day visits. It is a very popular place to visit during sunny days. I forgot to take pictures from it last time I was there tho, so boo. :( But here you can find more pictures of the different islands outside Oslo city in this link 
You can also walk along Akerselva. It is the river that split the city in two (splits west/east). The last years they have upgraded the walking path there, so it is a very nice walk aswell. I took some pictures the other day when I was walking there. Here you see some of them:

 The text say: Boat for hire at "Syng" (Syng is the name of a Cafê/Restaurant by the river). Thought it was so funny I had to take a picture :D

I could totally live by the river! In the middle of the city, 5-10 min walk to the city-center and it was so nice and quiet! Birds singing and green, pretty trees. Lovely! :) 

I should have taken some more pictures from the east side of the city, they also have some nice walking paths and waters, but I have not been there yet this year (shame on me!).

Oslo have all the comforts of the city, but closeness to the forest and the sea as well, so it really have it all. :)

For more information about Oslo, and what to do here, I advice you to check out this site: VisitOslo.com

fredag 27. juni 2014

The story of Filah and legendary cloak no. 3

Today's post is going to be about this chick:

That lovely draenei in the picture is Filah, she is a restoration shaman and she was my main for 2 expansions. She was created back in tBC when alliance could have shamans (and horde got paladins), and I instantly liked her. She became my most favored alt and I even manged to get her into progressraids here and there because our guild only had 1 resto shaman at that point, Class was shadow-specced and back then there was no such thing as dual-specs. ;-)

When Lich King expansion came, I decided that I wanted my shaman to be my main, and parked Class away for a long time. At one point I got really fed up with raiding back then, and instead being a dramaqueen, I simply said "I'm sorry, I need a break" to the raidteam.

I decided to roll a horde character for the fun and laughs, since I had not really played horde before.
Someone I knew from my alliance guild was in a guild on hordeside, so I made an application there, and after some days I was invited to the guild. The guild was called "in Concordia", and was also on Turalyon server. This all happened when I was living in the Netherlands with my bf, I did that for a little over a year. And yes, I spent a lot of that time in Azeroth, being unemployed (was the plan all along, have a year off) I had lot of time for gaming and getting to know the hordeside more :)

In "iC" I first played shadow-priest as main, but swapped later to resto-shaman (named Ataia, aka Two-Toes for laughs on TS, she was "twoll mon" thus only have two toes! :D). We cleared ICC, unfortunately I was on holiday when they killed LK, after that kill we did quite some heroic modes before the raid-team collapsed (our maintank X-realmed on us among other things).

<-- This is Ataia, she is now on a different server (I needed the space on Turalyon), she is currently inactive in a guild on Magtheridon server. Its ok, the guild is inactive too, so no one misses me/her. :P

This picture also show what I meant about trolls and calling her "Two-toes" for fun^^

Anyway, I decided to go back to alliance side with some people that I got to know while playing horde, that also had alliance characters. So on Filah I finally got my first Lich King kill, short time before Cata was launched. Gosh, I was a happy cat that night! :D

Filah was still my main during Cataclysm, I applied to a 25-man progress-guild named "Wasted" and met some totally awesome folks there, that I still keep in touch with.
With Wasted I cleared raids while they were current and also did quite some heroicmodes, but when Dragon Soul hit the guild started loosing a lot of people, and many were not happy with current state of raids. At that time I had some issues with my shoulder that I had to do something about, and raiding 4 nights a week did not help at all, so when the team scaled down to 10 man, I stopped raiding with them.

Wasted is unfortunatly no longer active, it died at the end of Cata when -on top of everything- our GM completly vanished. I have talked with him since and got the whole story behind it, so there is no hard feelings -not that it was before either- it was just nice to hear what happened and that he was fine now. :)

I also want to share with you a kill video made from our other resto-shamans POV, when we killed Cho'gall (normal). I love this video, and the song is sooo perfect for that guild "Born to be Wasted" <3
I miss them sometimes, even if I am perfectly happy in my current guild. :)

(Ps! I am the shaman in the group further away)

In the end of Cata I had more and more contact with the "old guild" that I started raiding with all those years ago, "The Phoenix Reborn", I saw that a lot of people I knew from earlier days had come back to the guild because their lives did not work well with 4 nights a week raiding, and most guilds at the time were 4 raids a week-guilds. So I joined them for some achievement runs in DS 1 night a week, and I had a lot of fun! So I decided to say yes when I was asked to come back to "the team" for MoP. Only thing was, they had already 2 resto shamans, so the GM & RL asked me if I would consider rolling a monk for the team. So I did.

During MoP I leveled Filah up slowly. While questing I died a lot, even if I had a lot of DS heroic gear, and I was generally annoyed with her as elemental. So when my rage had calmed down, I decided to try out enhancement spec and things automatically went A LOT smoother (have no idea why but well :D) and she finally got to lvl 90. I started with the stone-collections, but hit the wall at the 6k Valor-capping, so I parked her for quite a long time. It was only the last few months or so that I started playing her again, mainly in Flex raids.

But! Last week Filah got her legendary cloak!! Hurray! I finally managed to find the energy to actually do all the LFRs that I had to do to get the items required. I felt like I had to get it for her, since our history goes back so long, and she is still my favorite alt.character. :)

I love this picture, its so great! I wish the cloaks looked like that^^

mandag 16. juni 2014

Quiet times

Hey all! 

It's been quiet from my end lately, I have simply not been gaming that much now with summer here, and I am not that much in front of the computer these days. I log for raids mainly, and not much else. 

I have been playing a little bit tho, I have lately joined my guilds flex runs that we have on tuesdays (contact @reliqEU or @iamchrim on twitter if you are in the EU and want to join us for some relaxed runs! :)), and I have come rather close with all the stone gathering on my shaman for the cloak! Today I got stone 11/12 so I have actually hopes to get my third cloak this expansion. Crazy, I know. :)

I have also been playing some WildStar the last weeks, not very much but when I are awake enough to play it I do (if I do it when I'm tired, I only get lost / die a lot / fall asleep on the keyboard / all of them at the same time), so I am still only low level on my Exiles-medic. She is currently lvl 16 if my memory do not fail me. :) I have also started a Slayer that is Domination ("hordeside" in WildStar), that is around lvl 10. It tend to go slower once I hit lvl 10 (I have various other lowbie characters). 

WildStar is a very nice change, but I don't have the same drive / urge to play it as I had once with WoW (once = for many years), so I guess that is why I have not given it a lot of gametime. It is a bit "same-same, but different" if you understand what I mean. Also I find the professions a bit strange atm. Maybe its just me not having the energy and urge to re-learn a new game? I log it now and then for some quests but I get tired quickly from all the focus needed (for me) for playing it properly. Probably will be playing the game mostly together with my bf, since I'm a medic and he is an Esper -we are good team and can easy do team-quests together. :)

Not that it is hard to get groups for quests, not at all! Lot of chatter going on in the public channels so that is a very nice change from the abuse you get from tradechat/LFR-groups in WoW. People are very friendly and helpful and it helps that there is no "tag" on mobs. If you jump in on someone killing a pack of normal mobs, you get credit and loot from it too. A big plus imo, makes things go smooth. :) 

I am horrible at taking screenshots, but I have taken a few of my girls. First one is of my medic, her name is Vanera and shes an Exile on the realm Lightspire. 

After creating and playing with her for quite some levels, I realized that she looks a lot like Oliva's alter-ego in "Fringe" -if you don't know that series/character you should look it up. :D
Once I realized that it made me giggle a bit, have a bit of a fangirl crush on her -she is so cool and awesome in that series!

The next one is of Sans, shes my Domi-slayer on Archon realm: 

I had a period where I died a LOT on my low level spellslinger due to quick respawns and all that crap, so I rage-quit, cleaned the house to get rid of all that negative energy I had in my body and then I decided that I would try a totally different character then what I normally pick (I tend to avoid melee-characters, simply because I am bad at it). Surprisingly enough, I really enjoy her! Might become a competitor to my medic, and that is scary for a healing-person like me! :D 

Then again, the first character I made in WoW, that I leveled first to max level (60) and play a lot during vanilla WoW was actually a rogue. Maybe its a sign? :)

So if anyone asks me if they should buy WildStar, I'd say "sure, try it atleast!" or see if anyone on twitter have a guestpass. 

I know a lot of WoW-ers have really fallen for it, specially since it is such a LONG TIME till Warlords of Draenor comes out, so maybe it is just me being an old hag and not being crazy excited about changes^^ 

I do have to admit I love the character-creation in WildStar tho :D That is the most fun so far! And they have all these cool/pretty/freaky/funky/great looks, styles and races. Worth to try just for that imo! :)

That is it for me for now, sorry if this comes off as a lot of random chatter, I am a bit tired but felt like giving an update on what's up here with me :)


tirsdag 29. april 2014

Sucked into druiding

Lately -when I haven't played my priest(s)- I have been playing my druids. Yes, druidS. I actually have a few, even if they have been very neglected in MoP.

My first druid was made many years ago, my bf told me about the greatness of druids (he's got the same love for druids that I have for priests), so I decided to make one.

Here are some pictures of her, she is my only druid at lvl 90 (atm!):

She have been my herb/skinner from day one, so shes pretty useful for an altoholic like myself :D I have currently started playing her again, as I seem to have wrapped my head (more) around "how to druid" and she don't die nearly as much on the Timeless Isle (or elsewhere) as before. :)

A while back I heard about "The Druid Guild" (aka "Druids of the Beast) from Rinike on Twitter, so I told my bf "that's the perfect guild for you, mr. druid". He was interested in the idea and Rin invited him to the guild. It seemed like he had fun when he was online there, so when I had a minor "burnout" period (progress-raids on Thok Heroic for weeks.. yuk. Could suck the life out of anyone I bet) I was looking for something to give me spirit back to gaming.

And for once making a priest did not solve the problem! (shocking, I know!)

So then I was like.. "should I try to make another druid?" and thought about the cool folks that I have met on twitter that was in the druid-guild and they were all "druids rock!". So I thought, being in an druid-only guild must help on motivation to level it. And boy did it! :D

I made my "perfect druid" (n.elf, green hair ;-)) and to my surprise my favorite name was actually free! Class -the druid edition- was born! I thought "this is a good sign!"

Around lvl 10 I got a whisper from the GM of said guild, asking if I was interested in joining a druid-only-guild. My reply was YES! Later she found out that I was on twitter, and that I knew folks in there already, so that was pretty funny. :) She just loved the name of my druid and thought it would be perfect in the guild :D

So once I caught up with Varesk (aka bf), we started doing instances and questing together. I must say it has been a blast so far! We started questing together around level 40 and now we are 65! My plan is to be MS restoration and OS sparkledruid (moonkin), so doing instances while we level really helps my healing-practice. Not that it is hard, but druid healing is pretty different from discipline priest healing! All the hots, keeping them rolling etc.

I also have a druid around lvl 69 to play when Varesk is not home/too tired etc. I moved her to the Druid-guild a few days ago, so she will grow up with all the druids around her^^ Not played her so much as the other druids lately, but she will get her share of lovin' too :)

But I enjoy the druids a lot! And the guild is awesome. I think people that play druids are a specially kind: friendly, helpful -and not to forget funny!

mandag 14. april 2014

My raiding UI

After posting last nights killshot, I got complimented on my raiding UI, and asked about what addons I use. I got quite surprised by that, because I feel my UI is more of a "works perfect for me" but not what I would classify as a "pretty UI".

I made it myself, because no matter how pretty I think other UI's look (ElvUI and others) I can not use them in a stressful environment that is much of my raiding time. I suddenly find that I am lacking some critical (for me :P) information and then I get even more stressed and with stress comes rage. :P Yeah, I get pissed off if I cant see the information I want right away (Buffs, debuffs, my shields etc).

I use a lot more addons then I like to think, but I can give a short summary of the most important ones. :)

But first, screenshot from last night again:

I'll start with my bars. There I use Bartender4. "Bartender4 is a full ActionBar replacement mod. It provides you with all the features needed to fully customization most aspects of your action and related bars" as they say themselfs :-)
That means you can move/add/remove all the buttons and make them exactly how you like it. And what I really like is that you can make one standard one and save it -and then whenever you make a new character you can import that setting from Profiles and smack its perfectly setup, just the way you like it.

My raidframes is pretty simple: Its the default Blizzard UI. I just make the health boxes bigger, in the class colors etc. It works perfect for me, it shows me all the info I need to know, like who do I have shields on, or when our monk-tank goes into red stagger it shows as well, letting me know that he need some lovin' etc. It shows all debuffs that I can dispell and so on. I love it! :)

A true raider can not live without bossmods. In my case that is BigWigs. You also have a bossmod named DeadlyBossMods (DBM) but I have used BW for years so I'm stickin' with it. :-) There you can also adjust after what you need more information about. Like on Nazgrim heroic in SoO you need (as disc atleast) a timer/warning/notification when he is casting execute on the tank, so you can make sure the tank have a shield on him when it hits. Makes it much smoother. Or other things you need information about. 

For information about when important spells are up, I use an addon called WeakAuras. There you can add spells that have a CD and that you want to know asap when is up. In my case that is things like Inner Focus, Spirit Shells and  whatever lvl 90 talent I am using. I see that Halo shows on the screenshot, even if I am using Divine Star on that fight, but I have added all 3 lvl 90 spells on WA because I tend to swap a lot between them. 

For damage/healing meter I use Skada. Its very handy, you can see how does how much dps/damage/hps, dispells etc etc. You can also customize it. Take me for example, I have poor eyesight (comes with age :P) so I need to have bigger types on the text but that is fine. It also shows things like death, and what killed people, which is useful at times. 

I also use an addon named Prat which is a chat enhancement addon. Gives my chat nice colors, timestamp and you can open chat in a own window and copy text from it, and so on. Very nice little addon. :)

All the floating numbers are from MikScrollingBattleText -its an addon that makes it easier to see combat information.

I also use an addon called Castbars. It makes me able to move the casting bar of my character to anywhere I want on the screen -the default version dont work well with the rest of my UI so I use Castbars to move it where it is more useful.

And the last addon I will mention is Ingela's Rapture. Its a disc-priest spesific addon. It gives me a cooldown bar for the internal cooldown of Rapture. It is handy for handling your mana. You can read more about rapture here: Rapture

And.. that is it for me for now! :)

søndag 13. april 2014

The Liebster Award -take 3^^

I am again nominated for this award, I must say I am amazed and grateful for it! This time it was Batinna  that nominated me, you can read her post here 

What is Liebster award you might ask? This is a copy from Batinnas post:

“Well, it is only an AWESOME award given to up and coming bloggers. Given by other up and coming bloggers. It’s a cool way to find other blogs and feel like you are getting into the blogging stratosphere. It is simple, you get nominated by someone else, mention their page and a link to their blog in your Liebster Award Post, answer the 11 questions they give you, then tag 11 other nominees and give them a new set of 11 questions to answer.”

The questions:

1. What’s your favorite game?

I have to go with WoW, been playing it since april (iirc) 2005, so its been some years now! :)

2. How often do you game?

Most days, unless I am out of town/on holiday/etc. :)

3. Do you prefer to go to a party or game in the weekends?

I think a healthy mix is best, that said, I don't go to much partys in weekends. Usually the social happenings in my life happens during the week / after work :)

4. What is your dream job?

My dreamjob... Hm. I do enjoy my job a lot, but a dream job must be to work with animals I think, to take care of them in some way. Since I am very bad with blood and wounds, animal-nurse isnt for me but maybe have a farm with lot of animals on it. Yeah. I think that would have been awesome :)

5. Have you ever postponed cleaning to game instead?

Yes and no :) I have tried, but I just hate to game when the house looks like a mess. :P It need to be somewhat tidy before I can relax and play the game.

6. What is your favorite NPC?

I think Sylvanas is pretty great. And ofc Thrall. <3

7. Favorite thing to do on Timeless Isle? 

Hmm. On the timeless isle, not been there for ages. I think it was to hunt those last rares I needed for the achievement :) Getting that last one was all "YEAH! Now I'm done with this isle!" :D

8. Do you play both factions, or only one? Why?

I play both. Started out as alliance, and played that for years. The later years I have been playing hordeside too, I enjoy the change of quests and stories. :)

9. If Blizzard announced that it would be no more World of Warcraft in the end of the month, what would you say?

"Whaaaat?!" I think covers it :D