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Patch 6.0 and ramblings about disc priests

So, patch 6.0 have arrived, with lot of changes to ... everything tbh. Characters, stats, gear, quests... (And I see that I need to update my blog with new picture of "Class 6.0": bad-ass draenei with T6-transmog!^^)

I have (as usual) not been reading up about all the (beta) changes because things change so quickly that something I read one day, is invalid the next. So I usually wait till things go live and then I read some and /poke friends and guildies (a special hello to Sipollo and Stilgar <3 ;-)) "what was this again?" and "where do I find that now?" :D Probably horribly annoying for them, but easy for me :P (yes, I am a bad person lol!) Tho, I do pay it forward, so whenever someone asks about help or have questions about things I try to help them too, so I think my Karma is intact all in all ;-)

I have some screenshots of the different versions of UI. One is from before 6.0 and one is right after stripping and one is how it looks atm. 

First a RIP old disc-setup:

Second is how it looked when I logged on when 6.0 had hit:

    Yay, no addons and default blizzard UI (holds up sarcasm sign ;-))

And this is how my UI currently looks, after moving stuff around:

   Soooo many empty spots :( On the plus side: hurray: I got silence-spell! :D And I see that I have some spells twice! That's not how it was intended :D

I tested out holy and disc a bit on early beta, and it made me want to cry back then. Disc had lost A LOT of talents/spells, while holy was pretty much intact (more or less). We did a dungeon and as disc I felt it was an impossible task, and swapping to holy made it a lot more bearable, even if I have not played holy for .. well a year or so? 

Disc Beta:

Here I have not added pots and food and such to the bars, but still... many holes!

Holy Beta:

So when the patch went live last week I was feeling rather unwell tbh. Dreading to log on, and also dreading to see the nerfbat on live, having the feeling from beta fresh in my mind. And it started "well" too; could not log in, got DC'ed when the loading bar hit 90% -and it kept on like this for hours. At the time I didnt mind much, because I had a insane day at work and was really tired, so when I DID get online, I did the Blasted Lands quests and logged off. 

Sunday was the first real "test" of discipline healing, with raid and mythic and all that jazz. Found out that absorbs are still king, my dps is not the same (compared pre-patch) but the hps is still rocking. Helps ofc to have endless mana :P

I read on twitter many saying "only spam holy nova and you win", which put me off that spell already before trying it, haha. I have it on my bars obviously but only used it when it was useful, aka stacking up (so mainly Norushen, Sha of Pride and Thok). 

Personally I am not sure what I think of Holy Nova yet.(It reminds me of old-times PvP, and how to destroy snake-traps from hunters and get rogues out from hiding :P) I used it a bit, but for healing up groups I still use my normal playstyle of Prayer of Healing, shields, flash heal. Think the only boss I really used it on was Thok, towards the "instant screeches" stacks. Maybe its "wrong" to not abuse such a strong spell, but I do like to play my priest "properly" (Imo :P) with all the tools in my healing kit. That means dps till wings, use wings when big dmg is inc, use shields when it drops of tanks -or a poor sucker of the dps get a blow to the head (^^) and need an emergency absorb so he/she wont die etc. Use penance on CD, either for hps or dps, and also try to keep Holy Fire usage on max. Also I am not used to having Holy Nova, so I think I need some time to adjust to it. 

And I know as a disc I should not say this, but I miss renew. I used it whenever I was on the run (and as shadow it was my "heal when getting smacked by mobs"-heal). When I was running with the weapon on Garrosh heroic I kept it on the tank as often as I could, since it often procced DA due to my high crit at the time. And its just.... Renew is a priestspell! I know holy have it, and disc dont, which is ...odd imo. I know its an important tool for holy, but I dont see holy loosing their shields... :P (A bit sore? Yes. Does it show?! ;-))

The one thing I really hate tho, is the cast time they added on Prayer of Mending. Before patch I used it on CD, now its like "shall I spend X amount of sec to cast PoM or shall I use those sec to cast a Prayer of Healing instead? Usually PoH won, specially if it was (high) dmg going around. PoM was used when dmg was low and mainly on tanks. A real shame Imo. (Also, I love the bling! bling! bling! sound from PoM bouncing around! :D)

As talents go, I could not let go of Spirit shells, so I have that talented now. Since Twist of Fate now only is for healing, its not very interesting in the super-duper-ultra nerfed content of SoO, and knowing how to time SS -it is still king. 

Other then that I have the same talents as before, more or less. I still swap between the lvl 90 talents depending on fight, tho, I havent really used Cascade yet, it probably is more handy in 20 man then in 10 man, so I need to test it before I can say how it feels. /puts Cascade on "check-list" for next raid. Also use Angelic Bulwark on most fights (except Siegecrafter hc and Paragons hc where you want Spectral Guise to drop sawblades and aims), still use roots over MC / fear, and Mindbender and feathers...

All in all, disc did not feel as nerfed as it did first time on beta, and I will still keep disc as main spec in WoD, but probably have holy as offspec. Depends a bit on the fights there, and if absorbs are still good then. I would think it is, but you never know :) But I think things will change when Warlords go live and all, but for now I'm sure I will stay discipline -but probably have holy OS if I see that as needed for new content. But hopefully disc will still be a valid spec also in the next expantion.

A cosmetic note: They have changed the way Halo looks, I must admit I liked better the visual of the old Halo, where you could see it spread nicely. Now its more like BOOM! And its gone. It looked prettier before! :)

I have probably forgot a lot of things that I wanted to mention here, as per usual.. :) Random thoughts are random! :D

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