torsdag 28. mai 2015

Random thoughts about latest events

The things that have happen the last month or so have gotten me thinking (never a bad thing -or is it...? ) about a lot of things. 

When guilds break or somehow don't work out, it give you a sort of  sadness much like when a personal relationship with someone you love comes to an end. When it is going on you are filled with contradicting emotions; anger for how it ended, sadness for what you lost, happiness for the good things you had together. Specially when the ending was not of your choosing. 

Being on your own is not as fun or interesting as you maybe thought (not that I thought it, but if you are the leaver you might believe it will be awesome and find out that it really is not), and finding someone else to fill those holes left is not done in a hurry either. Or if you do, maybe you jump into it for all the wrong reasons. Loneliness, the wish to have fun with a team again, but find out that it is not the same kind of fun. Maybe this is specially for me, since I don't change raidteams very often. In fact over 10 years, I have been only in 5 (raiding) guilds counting my current one. 

When I joined Nova back in February, I so nervous and full of anxiety for messing up or in some other way make a fool of myself. Nova was a big step up for me, progress-vise, but after some stressful weeks, I managed to calm myself down and find my spot in the team, and I felt like wow, this is actually a great team. A lot of nice personality's, and also got to raid with some old friends of mine, as well as getting new ones. 

So the shock when one of the officers, a highly trusted one, "took off" with most of our dps'ers to "start fresh" on a new realm I was really shocked. I could not believe it. (And yes, I know they made an active choice to go and all that, but someone planted the seed in the first place)

This happend right before I was going a weeks holiday, we had just killed Thogar on Mythic and I thought the spirit of the guild was quite high. 

So many dead, but also boss so! :D

Then it exploded. We were left with tanks and healers, but 8 dps was gone and Turalyon is a "small pond" with few "fish" in terms of recruitment. Some felt so betrayed, they decided "this is it" and stopped their subscription. Also the GM's. After giving up so much for the guild, and then have something like this happen to them, it was just the last drop. I can not blame any of the GM's/officers that put so much time into this and then being left like this.

You might say "that is the way of the game" and a lot of other crap, but it is not an excuse to treat people you have known for years as bad as this. I know it is the way of the game, people come and go, but if you are not happy, and it don't get better, you go to try to find somewhere to call home, but you don't destroy the guild on your way out. 

Anyway. I decide to wait a few weeks to see what was going on, but with very few online that also felt very "meh" to use a very common "Class-word". After couple of weeks had passed and nothing new happend, other then the GM telling me to go look elsewhere because they would not try to paste the guild back together, I started looking around... In the end I decided to test out a different guild on a high-pop realm.

It is always strange to be on another realm, first time I have main-raided on a different realm. It is also a PVP-realm, which I am not too excited about xD It feels a bit like betraying Turalyon.

First raid was (sorry Matt :P) horrible in my eyes, and really made me regret the move. Decided that "OK, we can all have bad days/raids/whatever, and there are some nice folks there too, so lets see for a few more raids how it pans out". Tuesdays raid was already a lot better, tho comments like "we need more gear to do this" kinda makes me /roll eyes. :P Sure gear helps but all the gear in the world will not save you if you meet your fate with random trains (yes we are at Thogar Mythic)... Anyway. Fun and games ;p

If I don't not manage to fit in (never know with teams, how they work out and how I work out with them and so on), I think I will have a raiding break and just be a "dirty casual" like the rest of my friends atm. ;-) And I mean dirty casual in the best of ways! :D Hanging out, chilling, playing some lowbies or whateva'. :) 

I am not sure what happend to our realm (connected realm even, Turalyon+Doomhammer= still very low populated :S), in the last month 3 of our top10 guilds have kneeled. All around Nova's progress-level. I know ofc that the subs are going down etc, but really.. Turalyon/Doomhammer now have lost 3 progress-guilds in a month, that is a lot IMO. And this was before the ban-wave even.

Ending this with a picture of the monk that I absolutely love, BUNNY EARS! Just to have something sweet to finish this post with ;D

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