fredag 3. juli 2015


I see in my twitter-feed, and in game in general, many people complaining about this expansion, "nothing to do" and "I only sit in my Garrison" and general QQing. And when new things are out they complain that they have to go out and DO THINGS. "It is too grindy" "Oh great, DAILYS again" etc. I must admit I get a bit /roll eyes over this. 

Like everything else in life, you have a certain responsibility to entertain yourself. There is a lot of content there, you just need to go out and do it. "Yes but I don't like to do that, I don't like to pet-battle / do archaeology / level alts / LFR is boring/heroics are boring" -take your pick. And ofc my favorite: "Omg I have to actually go out in the world and do things to get flying?! I HATE THIS." Excuse my French: then do something else then for the love of all that is holy! No-one is forcing you to do ANYTHING. If you don't like the game they made, fine, play a different game. And yes, the game changes. And yes, it is good. I played the game in Vanilla and believe me, it was NOT better. Running everywhere till you were lvl 40, and then you got a SLOW mount. If you could afford it, that is... 

Damn right xD

 Sometimes I feel that the more Blizzard is doing to keep people happy, the more complaints they get. Yes sure, sometimes things dont play out the way they had planned (pretty sure Blizzard didnt think everyone would just sit in their Garrison all day) but that is how it is. Now they have tried to fix that with adding new stuff. Yes its dailys, and I am the first to admit that the first days I felt overwhelmed with the time it took to do them. Now, a week out in the new stuff and I have my head wrapped around it and its done (if I want) in a  lot shorter time then first round. I can choose: do I only want to do the dailys, or do I want to get extra apexis and do all/most of the bonus events too? 

                                              IT IS ALL UP TO ME!

Or maybe I simply can not be arsed to do dailys that day and just sit and fish all day instead? Maybe I want to level my druid, or log my hordepriest and shoot the breeze with my horde-guildies. I can do that. You are in charge of your own happiness in game just like you are in this thing called Real Life. 

There, rant over^^

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