onsdag 6. april 2016

Legion and doubts

Wow, this is a blogpost that have been sitting here for ages, and never really managed to get it posted because I am so much in doubt still what to do...

What am I talking about? I am talking about this ofc:
DemonHuntards are coming!

Reason is that when I am thinking forward and about Legion in terms of what to play, I am STILL IN THE BOX considering what to main. There are so many changes to MistWeavers I am not sure I will still main it in Legion. 

I have tested it on Alpha and it seem ok enough (now, but things can and will ofc change till everything is live), but they remove core abilities (Imo) like Nimble Brew (get out of stuns etc), Spear Hand Strike (interupt), Fortifying Brew (increasing your health by 20%) and Expel Harm (selfhealing). Not to mention fistweaving is gone.. I don't use FW much in raids, sometimes at the start of the fight only, but I use it a lot when we run dungeons. So def. going to miss it. Other changes are that Mana Tea and The Statue will become talents... :-/ Mana Tea will change, and give you cheaper/free casts when its up (10 sec? Iirc), so def. not the same. Now I will have to worry about mana like every other healer! Whats up with that!? ;p


Ofc, me being me and never pugging ANYTHING, I have not tried to do any dungeons or so yet, (plz Blizzard, give Alpha to my man Rel (@RelWoW) so he can TANK for me and be my partner in crime! Kktybb! ;) <3) so I don't know how that play out. But I suspect I will get the same feeling for Sansari as I had for Class and disc going into WoD: My bars was "empty", so much was removed (I still do not feel comfortable healing as disc). Time will tell how Legion will be. 

Disc going into WoD... :<

I have been looking at other classes, mainly shaman, since I have mained that before, and shamans are pretty awesome. Me and a guilde have been talking about "old days" when I first met her and at that time I mained a shaman. Thinking about those times made me think "hm maybe I'll play Filah (shaman) if Sansari dont work out for me.."

We met during our stay in Wasted -if you follow me on Twitter, you have probably seen the logo, but here it is once more for fun, it is amazingly made! It is pictures of all the raiders of the guild, placed on the logo :D Filah is sitting on top of the S, if you were wondering. ;)

Born to be Wasted

After maining shaman big parts of 2 expansions (WoLK and Cata) it is something I really can see myself playing, but giving up the monk feels a bit ugh too. Specially since we do not have a monk healer in our team (atm), but we have a shaman (sort of, when he is there..)  


And I keep telling people that they have to play what they find fun, and I know that also should count for myself. It's just.. one of those expansions again. I had the same issues before MoP. Then I was asked if I would main a monk -so I agreed to it, but during SoO I changed back to my disc priest and have rocked her big parts of WoD, before I was -again- asked to go monk due to surplus of priest healers. 

That is also part of why I am considering going to shaman, as I have never had that ...feel... with the monk as I have had with other classes. I don't understand them intuitively as I have done with in example priests and shamans. So it involves a lot of reading and doing things that are said because "that is how you do it" that I would never have understood on my own. That said, I have enjoyed -and still do- playing it in raid settings. For dungeons I have not really been a fan of monks, ever. :P I do them, but prefer to go on my shaman, druid or priest..

Sans have her moments of uber-cuteness too tho <3 :D


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