fredag 4. september 2015

A new start

The 25th of August it happened - I made a new account on US side!

My first 10 Achivementpoints :D

I have a thing about "starting fresh" on new realms, I really like the whole "struggle" with no money, bags, glyphs etc, and work myself up from nothing. However, when I do that (on the EU side) I have access to things that make my life easier, like heirlooms, fully leveled pets and heirloom mount from lvl 1 (love that part btw Blizz <3), so it is not really starting fresh.

Lately I have lacked inspiration, so a couple of weeks ago I started an account on the US realms. After a lot of fuss and confusion and "how do I actually DO this??" (thanks goes out to Rel for mental and practical support :D) I finally could start a character -guess 3 times what race and class I picked ;p.

And talk about starting fresh. I had NOTHING. No achivements, no heirlooms, no mounts or pets. Or that is not true. I had the pets that are account bound (blizzcon pets etc) and the 1 mount from winning some matches in Heartstone, but was also it. 1 mount and 4 pets. But, I dont need more then 1 mount, lucky me it is a flying mount too (once I get there!). :D

My own little bodyguard^^

So basically, I'm starting fresh. The only thing I have is my knowledge of the game, and the character(s). Everything else is wiped clean. Terrifying and exciting, both at once! :D

If you follow me on Twitter, you have probably seen some screenshots from my journey, I am very excited and happy about this. Only backdraw is that there is the 6 hour time difference from servertime and my RL time. Aka when I log on in the morning it is middle of the night realm time, my afternoon is mid-day over there, so I haven't really been online much in the "coretime" of the rest of the realm. Which is fine really, less people around and no queues (I picked one of the most busy realms on US side: Zul'jin). Zolvolt was nice enough to accept me into his guild, Exiled Legion (@zolmation on twitter)  Backdraw is that ofc I dont really get to know the folks in the guild much because of the time difference.

However I am fine with that since I do enjoy just doing "my thing". :) I have never been the "lets group up and quests together" type of person, I like to fiddle around on my own. Me and my bf have tried to level together a few times, but we both get distracted on each our end ("oh look! A mine/herb!" /strolls off :D) so we stopped doing that.

My favorite quest! <3

Also, I have all these plans for my "second start", maybe someone find them recognizable:

- If I start a zone, I will fully explore it AND get the quest-achievement for that zone.
- When capturing pets, try to only collect green/blue pets (if I capture a grey/white one, I will try to find a green/blue, and then I release the lesser one).
-having gathering professions while leveling to get money, later will change it to 1 gathering 1 production profession. What will depend on what AH can offer / cant offer. So far it looks like inscription will be the smart choice. Im over lvl 30 and still not found glyph of penance... GRR!

That is what the journey have brought me so far. At the moment I am in the Hinterlands, one of my favorite zones. Or, one of many. :) I am enjoying it a lot, just running around by myself, being happy over green upgrades to my gear :D I have not done any dungeons yet, I had originally planned to do that, but I chickened out. I really am a wuss when it comes to pugs. Even lower lvl ones :D

I can really recommend it, if you feel like having a new start and start from nothing. First leveles are hard but after that it becomes trivial again. And boy I was happy to have that Heartstead-mount in my bags when I (finally) dinged 20 :D

Onwards, horsie!

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