onsdag 26. mars 2014

The first one

My first priestling is the one I am (still) playing as main charcter - Class. She started out as a night elf and just recently (couple of weeks ago) got race-changed to human. 

This is how she used to look when she was a night elf, proud in her Benediction and Tier 2 set: 

And here is a shot of her as human, in the challengemode set (I love that set!):
I started a priest because when I was playing the game on my rogue (yes, I know, the first character I made was a ROGUE! :D)  and wanted to do instances, getting healers was a royal pain in the ass, so I decided that I wanted to make one and see "how hard can this be?!" At first it was crazy hard, because someone said that "you don't need a healing spec to heal instances". So I healed them as shadow. Back then it was no "dual spec" but pricey spec-changes. And you did squat dps as a healer, so the healing spec was pretty useless for anything but instances and/or raids. 

So, annoyed that it felt that hard to heal, I decided that I would "finish" questing on her and then change to healer-spec, to see if it was better to heal in that spec. Oh boy it was different!

And I fell in love -with healing... <3 

That first instance as "disc" (aka spirit buff spec)... it was like a whole new world compared to healing as shadow, and after that Class stayed disc for doing instances. At that time I mained a mage in my guild, and I took Class to alt-runs that was organized on saturdays by the guild in cooperation with a few other guilds on the server. Quickly the officers of my guild saw the potential in me also as a healer, and I was asked to re-roll to priest as main (various reasons lead up to this question, I wont go into details here). After debating with myself, I decided to take them up on their offer and swapped main from mage to priest. Best decision ever!

During the expansions WoLK and Cataclysm I changed main to shaman as main character (also healer, + raided both on horde and alliance side) but I kept Class close as most favorite character still. I just needed to experience other classes in raiding and it was enjoyable to do something different. I still took Class to alt runs and such. 

MoP came close, and I was planing to level Class first and re-take her as my main again. But I had recently rejoined my old guild from back when Class became my main so many years ago. The GM and raidleader at the time asked if I would consider leveling up a Mistweaver Monk for the raidteam. He know I can play multiple healingclasses, which I believe was one of the reasons for asking, another reason was that the team already had 2 priests and 2 (resto) shamans so adding one more of either was a bit overkill.

This made me re-think what to have as main in MoP, but after some consideration, I decided to take him up on his offer, and level up a monk and make it my main the coming expansion. After reading up on it, I got a bit in doubt -melee style is def. not my playstyle (I really suck at melee, like.. really really bad). When taking this up with the GM he said that if it didn't work out, I was free to go back to any char I wanted. That made it easier and I raided on the monk for all tiers up-to and inc. our first Garrosh kill. Maining a monk was fun, but I felt I played it the "wrong way" (never in melee, only at ranged casting) and I missed Class horribly. 

I decided to take it up with the current raidteam leader, and he said "sure, lets swap you, its no problem. Just come on monk till you get some gear on the priest". 

And the circle comes to an end. My first healing love, is now my main again. Closing in on 9 years with that gal. I think we are gonna grow old together... <3

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