fredag 28. mars 2014

The Priest list

So, I had to check what do I have and what don't I have of priests on various servers that I plan to use for my insanity-quest of leveling all the different priest-races, at least once. :-)

Under will I have listed the different priest I already have. I did not include the level 80 priest that I have on Tarren Mill because I simply refuse to level on a pvp server. :P

Already created and at various levels:
Human - Class (lvl 90)
N.elf - Zoss (lvl 90)
Undead - Vandela (lvl 90)
Worgen- Vanera ( lvl 88)
Blood Elf - Vanera (lvl 87 iirc)
Draenei - Coor  (lvl 85)
Troll - Tsiia (lvl 83)
Gnome -Asusi (lvl 30)


For the new priests, I will take professions that will help me level quicker, like herbalism and mining (gives xp-bonuses). And ofc it will boost my economy! :) 

Also, yay managed to make a short blog post today! \o/ 

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