mandag 24. mars 2014

The newest, craziest idea -this year...

So, ever since I got ill this past January, I have put myself up to hairy goals to have something "to do" in game, so I wouldn't go mad from being home alone with the cat. 

First goal was to get the white raptor from Isle of Giants, with involved farming of 9999 dinosaur-bones. And like that was not enough, I also decided to get the "Hero of Shattrath" achievement that I started on quite a lot of years ago but never completed.

A lot of bones and basilisk-eyes later, I have both. So I needed a new goal. Since I started working again -30% for now- I decided that the grinding period is over. If I never see a basilisk eye again, its too soon, to put it that way :P

So the last days I have been thinking about something different -not at all less time consuming, but its not the grinding feeling I had when killing all those basilisks in Terokkar forest.

So here goes - you will probably think that "that's it, she have lost her mind"... I have been thinking of leveling a priest for every available race. Yes, that is A LOT OF PRIESTS! I do -however- reserve the right to race-change the ones I have more then one of (yes yes, I partly lost my mind a while ago..) so I start out a tad better then having to level all. 

That mean I have some already, but the ones I would have to do from scratch are: Goblin, Tauren, Dwarf and Panda. The others races I have in various levels around on different servers. Still, this is gonna take time. Good I absolutely love to level priests, eh? ^^

So, that's my crazy monday! 

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