mandag 14. april 2014

My raiding UI

After posting last nights killshot, I got complimented on my raiding UI, and asked about what addons I use. I got quite surprised by that, because I feel my UI is more of a "works perfect for me" but not what I would classify as a "pretty UI".

I made it myself, because no matter how pretty I think other UI's look (ElvUI and others) I can not use them in a stressful environment that is much of my raiding time. I suddenly find that I am lacking some critical (for me :P) information and then I get even more stressed and with stress comes rage. :P Yeah, I get pissed off if I cant see the information I want right away (Buffs, debuffs, my shields etc).

I use a lot more addons then I like to think, but I can give a short summary of the most important ones. :)

But first, screenshot from last night again:

I'll start with my bars. There I use Bartender4. "Bartender4 is a full ActionBar replacement mod. It provides you with all the features needed to fully customization most aspects of your action and related bars" as they say themselfs :-)
That means you can move/add/remove all the buttons and make them exactly how you like it. And what I really like is that you can make one standard one and save it -and then whenever you make a new character you can import that setting from Profiles and smack its perfectly setup, just the way you like it.

My raidframes is pretty simple: Its the default Blizzard UI. I just make the health boxes bigger, in the class colors etc. It works perfect for me, it shows me all the info I need to know, like who do I have shields on, or when our monk-tank goes into red stagger it shows as well, letting me know that he need some lovin' etc. It shows all debuffs that I can dispell and so on. I love it! :)

A true raider can not live without bossmods. In my case that is BigWigs. You also have a bossmod named DeadlyBossMods (DBM) but I have used BW for years so I'm stickin' with it. :-) There you can also adjust after what you need more information about. Like on Nazgrim heroic in SoO you need (as disc atleast) a timer/warning/notification when he is casting execute on the tank, so you can make sure the tank have a shield on him when it hits. Makes it much smoother. Or other things you need information about. 

For information about when important spells are up, I use an addon called WeakAuras. There you can add spells that have a CD and that you want to know asap when is up. In my case that is things like Inner Focus, Spirit Shells and  whatever lvl 90 talent I am using. I see that Halo shows on the screenshot, even if I am using Divine Star on that fight, but I have added all 3 lvl 90 spells on WA because I tend to swap a lot between them. 

For damage/healing meter I use Skada. Its very handy, you can see how does how much dps/damage/hps, dispells etc etc. You can also customize it. Take me for example, I have poor eyesight (comes with age :P) so I need to have bigger types on the text but that is fine. It also shows things like death, and what killed people, which is useful at times. 

I also use an addon named Prat which is a chat enhancement addon. Gives my chat nice colors, timestamp and you can open chat in a own window and copy text from it, and so on. Very nice little addon. :)

All the floating numbers are from MikScrollingBattleText -its an addon that makes it easier to see combat information.

I also use an addon called Castbars. It makes me able to move the casting bar of my character to anywhere I want on the screen -the default version dont work well with the rest of my UI so I use Castbars to move it where it is more useful.

And the last addon I will mention is Ingela's Rapture. Its a disc-priest spesific addon. It gives me a cooldown bar for the internal cooldown of Rapture. It is handy for handling your mana. You can read more about rapture here: Rapture

And.. that is it for me for now! :)

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