tirsdag 29. april 2014

Sucked into druiding

Lately -when I haven't played my priest(s)- I have been playing my druids. Yes, druidS. I actually have a few, even if they have been very neglected in MoP.

My first druid was made many years ago, my bf told me about the greatness of druids (he's got the same love for druids that I have for priests), so I decided to make one.

Here are some pictures of her, she is my only druid at lvl 90 (atm!):

She have been my herb/skinner from day one, so shes pretty useful for an altoholic like myself :D I have currently started playing her again, as I seem to have wrapped my head (more) around "how to druid" and she don't die nearly as much on the Timeless Isle (or elsewhere) as before. :)

A while back I heard about "The Druid Guild" (aka "Druids of the Beast) from Rinike on Twitter, so I told my bf "that's the perfect guild for you, mr. druid". He was interested in the idea and Rin invited him to the guild. It seemed like he had fun when he was online there, so when I had a minor "burnout" period (progress-raids on Thok Heroic for weeks.. yuk. Could suck the life out of anyone I bet) I was looking for something to give me spirit back to gaming.

And for once making a priest did not solve the problem! (shocking, I know!)

So then I was like.. "should I try to make another druid?" and thought about the cool folks that I have met on twitter that was in the druid-guild and they were all "druids rock!". So I thought, being in an druid-only guild must help on motivation to level it. And boy did it! :D

I made my "perfect druid" (n.elf, green hair ;-)) and to my surprise my favorite name was actually free! Class -the druid edition- was born! I thought "this is a good sign!"

Around lvl 10 I got a whisper from the GM of said guild, asking if I was interested in joining a druid-only-guild. My reply was YES! Later she found out that I was on twitter, and that I knew folks in there already, so that was pretty funny. :) She just loved the name of my druid and thought it would be perfect in the guild :D

So once I caught up with Varesk (aka bf), we started doing instances and questing together. I must say it has been a blast so far! We started questing together around level 40 and now we are 65! My plan is to be MS restoration and OS sparkledruid (moonkin), so doing instances while we level really helps my healing-practice. Not that it is hard, but druid healing is pretty different from discipline priest healing! All the hots, keeping them rolling etc.

I also have a druid around lvl 69 to play when Varesk is not home/too tired etc. I moved her to the Druid-guild a few days ago, so she will grow up with all the druids around her^^ Not played her so much as the other druids lately, but she will get her share of lovin' too :)

But I enjoy the druids a lot! And the guild is awesome. I think people that play druids are a specially kind: friendly, helpful -and not to forget funny!

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  1. Sparkledruid? Haha! First time I've heard that. Does it come from the way a moonkin druid looks with the glyph of stars? :P

    1. Sparkledruid, I heard it first time on Twitter when someone commented on our balance druid being a "sparkledruid" -so now we just call him that^^ "Hey sparkledruid, come here" where he goes "shut up!!" ;D

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